Global TSCM Equipment Sales & Services

Counter Surveillance & Electronic Eavesdropping Detection Products

MIRI RISK is a leading seller and service provider of professional  TSCM Equipment to Government, Military, Law Enforcement, TSCM Professionals, Private Investigators & Corporations. Our electronic eavesdropping detection equipment offerings meet the needs of skilled technical operators to those new to the profession. From handheld TSCM tools to covert field ready SIGINT kits, our counter surveillance products are among the best available to TSCM practitioners and SIGINT operators.

We believe in the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the TSCM Equipment we sell. In fact, we will only offer electronic eavesdropping detection products that our TSCM/Cyber Specialists have thoroughly evaluated in the field, determined to be technologically advanced and are approved for use for our TSCM/Cyber Services.

MIRI RISK also provides a number of other risk mitigation services to the public and corporations alike. Please reach out to us at for further information.

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